Iron Rich Foods

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Iron is an important part of a balanced prenatal diet. Keep in mind if you are anemic, the therapeutic dose is somewhere between 40-110 mg/a day Read more -->


Sneaky Ways to Get Protein

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Protein is crucial part of a balanced prenatal diet. If you have difficulty coming up with variety, here some great sources of protein: Read more -->


Calcium Rich Foods

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Calcium is an important part of a balanced prenatal diet. Keep in mind you need 1200mg/day! At about 36 weeks pregnancy, the baby's bones start to ossify. So if you have been free of low calcium symptoms and then they start at about this time, you probably need to up your calcium intake. Read more -->


Nutrition in Pregnancy

One of the fundamental differences between the care of a midwife and an obstetrician is the emphasis on good nutrition. How a woman eats in her pregnancy can effect her physical and emotional well-being as well as the growth of her baby, a healthy placenta, and healthy perineal tissues. With a healthy balanced diet and exercise, many of the complications that can cause a woman to be considered "high risk" can be avoided. Read more -->