These families have tried, and liked, Family-Centered Midwifery

Calm, kind, and unruffled

I trusted June with my baby’s birth because of her experience, her medical background and her calm, kind, and unruffled manner.

My third child, Daria Margaret, was born June 1st, with June attending. What a marvelous experience!! My first baby was born in the hospital with an epidural, my second baby at the local birth center and my third baby, and best birth, was in my home with June.

Having had a varied birth career so to speak I can say with confidence that the homebirth was by far the best, and June was a large part of that. I trusted June with my baby’s birth because of her experience, her medical background and her calm, kind, and unruffled manner. Read more -->

Rebecca S

The Phillips

June is so confident but humble and she loves the whole family. During the pregnancy she never rushes you in and out of her office and she listens to our concerns and our life.

We have 7 children and of those the last two were born at home. Our experience of a home birth has been amazing! There are so many things that are a plus, one of those is the laid back atmosphere of being at home and being with our family. We don't have to be "released from the hospital" and our children can come and see the baby as soon as it is born. Read more -->

Craig and Kimberly Phillips - San Marcos, TX

The Segar Family

We always felt like she listened to our needs and kept us all safe... She included our entire family in the visits, showing the girls pictures and posters, letting them help with measurements, etc. It was like visiting a friend.

After talking with three midwives, my family and I decided on June. We immediately knew she was the one for us. On our first visit we felt so comfortable and secure with her. She put us at ease right away.

We were blessed to have June as our midwife though a home birth, a miscarriage and an attempted home birth that ended up in the hospital with a c-section. So we saw all sides of her amazing skills! I can't say enough about how wonderful she is! She made us feel like family and truly cared for all of us through each experience. Read more -->

Jodie Segar

The Stanfield Family

I can't tell you how many times she has prayed for me during my pregnancies, they have all gone well. Our last one was a little tricky as our little guy was wrapped in the umbilical cord, but June was right on top of things. She knew exactly what to do and when our son was born, there was no hesitation or worrying

June is a wonderful midwife, we have recommended her to many people that we know are having babies. She is comforting, works well with my children, is very knowledgeable and has been an overall great friend. Read more -->

Love, Peggy

The Stanfield Family

My husband and I have known June for 8 years and we have been very blessed by her vast knowledge of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and remedies for minor complications. She has helped my husband and me through mastitis, thrush, and our firstborn's first cold as a baby. June always seems to have a plethora of remedies to choose from. She is knowledgeable in homeopathy, herbs, and other natural remedies as well as discerning when it is necessary to turn to conventional medicine.

June encouraged my husband by gently showing him how he could best help me during labor. She showed him how to put pressure on my back by pushing with his hands and also words of encouragement to say, such as visualizing my cervix opening up like a flower. June praised my husband all throughout as she witnessed what a help he was to me. This built confidence in my husband in helping me labor and deliver our children for all our other children. June assisted in the birth of my first two children, Stephen and Hannah. Read more -->

Chris & Audrey Stanfield

The Stasny Family

Through the knowledge, experience, and gentle soul she is, we were able to have the best childbirthing experience we could ever imagine.

A friend of mine referred me to June. After my husband and I met her, we both felt that this was the person we wanted to walk this journey with us. June's knowledge and enthusiasm about what she does is so amazing. She could answer all aour questions, and we had many, with such patience and gentleness. We always left her feeling encouraged about our baby, pregnancy, and what was to come in childbirth. Read more -->

Courtney and John Stasny - Austin, Texas

The Steele Family

She is honest and cares sincerely about her clients. When faced with challenging situations June is more than capable of handling it. She is honest and upfront about every situation.

We first met June 8 years ago when we were expecting our first child. June always challenged us to care for our baby and my body in the most holistic way possible. Our first pregnancy faced a major hurdle when we found out that our little girl had a major birth defect and needed a c-section delivery.
June cared for us and supported us through those tough times.
When we found out we were expecting our second child we went straight back to June. Read more -->

Robin, Erica, Kennady, Jude and Avery Steele