The Stasny Family

A friend of mine referred me to June. After my husband and I met her, we both felt that this was the person we wanted to walk this journey with us. June's knowledge and enthusiasm about what she does is so amazing. She could answer all aour questions, and we had many, with such patience and gentleness. We always left her feeling encouraged about our baby, pregnancy, and what was to come in childbirth.

My husband and I spent the time before our little boy came reading the Bradley Method book, praying, exercising, eating healthfully, and using tools June could give us to better our understanding of what was to come. When the day did come that I went into labor I felt super prepared and confident that what my body was doing was good and natural. I had what June called a "fast and furious" labor, that was about 4 hours in length from the time I went into active labor. It was such a beautiful experience! My husband and June took turns rubbing my back throughout contractions, speaking encouraging and calming words to me, and giving me anything I needed to be more comfortable.

Giving birth to my son at home was a very empowering and blessed experience for us. And now, how we plan to have all our children. Being at home right after he came into this world, getting to crawl into bed with our little one and soak up every first moment he was here was the best thing ever! We are so thankful for June.

Through the knowledge, experience, and gentle soul she is, we were able to have the best childbirthing experience we could ever imagine.

Courtney and John Stasny - Austin, Texas